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Management Reporting Integration

Okay, so in a shameless attempt to boost SEO we’re starting a blog. That said, as we’re doing this we may as well share some meaningful content with you…. You can see more about what we do at our site.

Our first blog is going to be on integrating your CRM (see, shameless SEO boosting) or dialler (be it a predictive dialler or automated) into a cloud based reporting suite.

We’re getting a lot of requests at the moment from businesses, not just the ones using our systems, but people who already have a solution such as Salesforce CRM or Davika dialler.

So What’s The Problem?

Off the shelf is the problem. Businesses such as SAP, Siebel, Salesforce, Davika (the list could go on) work on a high volume principle: “We need out of the box products that can be sold quick). The issue here is that they need to cater to the generalist. Is your business just a general business? I suspect not. No, your business is unique, and that means that your requirements are unique.

This means that when you need bespoke reports building, or a simple adhoc report to be run, you need to contact either your IT manager (picture them rolling their eyes at yet another request from “The Operation”, or you can contact your system provider (picture them with money signs in their eyes).

So What Are The Options?

Most systems run from SQL, or MySQL servers. This means that with the right technical know how, you can connect to the tables in your CRM or dialler system. All these tables have relational values that link the data together, so for example, Cust_ID (a unique number for a record or customer) may be in 4 different tables, each with it’s own purpose (contact, sales, opportunities etc).

SQL Business Design can remotely connect to your server and securely access this information in realtime. Once we have done this, we can then start to build your customised reports for realtime analysis by linking these tables together.

What Extra’s Do I Get?

We are able to draw your reports, both realtime and retrospective, into a graphical interface to give you clear management information. Reports can be scheduled to be ran and cascaded via email to distribution lists to show performance updates or financial reporting.

We can also train you how to build these reports yourself or to run adhoc SQL queries to get the information you need.

Whatever your requirements, feel free to contact us.

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